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About us


The mission at passport for learning is to bring fun language learning to every home. Learning is best when learners don’t even realize they are learning, it is by combining fun and interest to bring life and joy to lessons. We aim to open the doors of the world via language to every learner.


Our vision at passport to learning to create a safe learning environment where teachers and learners can grow together. We envision a world where we can achieve clear communication, diversity and inclusion through the knowledge of multiple languages.


I am Mrs. Naz

I am a graduate of Concordia University and Ottawa University with a Bachelors in child studies (early childhood education) and a Masters in Education and Literacy (K-6 Certified), Magna Cum Laude.

I am always looking to better my craft by taking special workshops to be able to better serve my students  and cater to their educational needs.


I have taught Kindergarten to grade 6 for the past eight years! 5 out of those 8 years have incorporated online teaching. I have taught over a 6500 students and over 5000 online classes!

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