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The Team

Meet our extraordinary team of educators, united by a shared passion for fostering a love of learning languages. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and creativity to the virtual classroom. Their commitment goes beyond imparting linguistic skills; they are dedicated to creating an immersive and enjoyable language learning experience, igniting a lifelong curiosity for diverse cultures and global communication. Together, they form a dynamic force that inspires students to embrace the beauty of language acquisition and opens doors to a world of interconnected possibilities.

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Mrs. Naz

Founder &  French Teacher

Nazanin Alibhai

Nazanin, an enthusiastic educator, has been teaching  for the past 9 years. Armed with a dual background in child studies and elementary teaching education, she earned her degrees from Concordia University and the University of Ottawa. Originally from Montreal, currently residing in Calgary with her husband and lovable labradoodle, Nazanin embarked on her journey into online education in 2017, focusing on teaching English and incorporated French in 2020. Before joining the remote teaching world, she honed her skills in the classrooms of Europe for over five years. Nazanin is not just a teacher; she is a catalyst for fun and engaging learning experiences. Her teaching philosophy revolves around connecting students' interests with core concepts, fostering a holistic understanding of the subjects. Nazanin is particularly passionate about language learning, firmly believing that it opens doors to broader opportunities in the future. She hopes to inspire more students to embrace languages, paving the way for a world of possibilities ahead.

Ms. Anne Claire

French Teacher

Anne Claire is from Mauritius. She speaks French and English. She is passionate about educating children and helping them reach their full potential through a caring and loving approach. She is devoted to promoting student’s learning and enhancing individual development. She is patient and she believes that showing interest in children makes them feel valued and this helps in the learning process.  She holds a teaching diploma from the Mauritius Institute of Education and she has over 6 years of experience teaching. 


passport 2 learning, teacher, french cla
passport 2 learning, teacher, french classes, online learning

Mrs. Logan

French Teacher

Logan is a wife, as well as the mother of a two year old boy, and an 11lbs fur baby. She has been interested in teaching since she was young and she has always adored being with children. She has been teaching full time for about 6 years during which she taught multiple subjects in both French and English to students from kindergarten through grade 12.

She loves sports and she is very passionate about all things fitness and health. She has coached and been a referee for various soccer, hockey and volleyball teams in her hometown. In her spare time, she enjoys doing workouts, attempting DIY projects, but most of all, spending time with her family. 

She looks forward to her journey here and all that it will have to offer to repertoire of knowledge and experience.

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Ms. Katherine

Spanish Teacher


Katheirne is a dedicated Spanish educator with a degree in education and additional training in teaching Spanish as a second language. Her pedagogical approach centers on creating a nurturing environment for language acquisition, with a focus on crafting creative and fun lessons, especially for young learners. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages from Pontifical Javeriana University reinforces her commitment to excellence in language education. With a year and a half of experience in teaching, she brings a well-rounded perspective to language education. Beyond teaching, her interests include reading, dancing, hiking, and a love for outdoor activities and travel.

passport 2 learning, teacher, spanish classes, online learning
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